Start getting things done


Every project, no matter how large or small, has a tendency to try to escape the boundaries you've set for it - budget, scope, timelines all are bound to stretch without careful management.

Most of us experience this daily at the micro level (ever notice how that 30 minute task seems to turn into an hour without you realizing it?), but it gets more pronounced as project parameters increase: more team members, more tasks, more deadlines.

I worked for over 3 years in the endlessly complex and regulated world of healthcare IT and managed projects lasting a year and a half or more. In that fast-paced environment, I learned the importance of being agile and flexible, of planning ahead, of picking a strategy and sticking to it, even while ensuring system solutions were highly customized.

With me as your project manager, you'll get:

  • Budget and deadline management
  • Project planning
  • Team management
  • Task breakdowns
  • Weekly status reports
  • Process improvement
  • No more scope creep!

Project management is available as a standalone service or can be bundled with writing and/or web design in an integrated content strategy solution. Reach out below!