Who Am I?

I'm a self-taught programmer and web developer skilled in front-end and back-end development.

My journey so far has been unconventional. My academic background was History/Music, and I spent most of my professional career managing large-scale healthcare software implementations.

One day, frustrated with the implementation workbook my company was using, I started digging into the world of Excel macros. Pretty soon I had built a whole new implementation tool using VBA, and a new passion was born. I began teaching myself web development and never looked back.

Now I build websites while traveling the world, but I carry with me the project management, customer service, and writing skills that have made me successful in my career so far.

I'm a Renaissance Man for the Digital Age.

What I Can Do For You

Your website is the face you present to the world - it should be as unique as you are.

From simple and easily-customizable CMS sites all the way to complex web applications built with the latest cutting-edge frameworks, I can produce a site that fits your needs and your budget.


Technologies I Use

Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, React+Redux

Back-End: NodeJS, Python, Django, Express, APIs

CMS: Squarespace




Squarespace (CMS)

For individuals and small businesses who want something quick, beautiful, and fully functional without the frills. Blogs, e-commerce, and landing pages are fully supported out of the box.


Custom Static Site

From-scratch and fully customized to meet the needs of your business. Ideally suited for businesses who want more control over their site design (or already have a design produced in-house) but do not need to store user or product data.


Web Application

Perfect for individuals and businesses who need to store, manage, or retrieve data. Enable user profiles, integrate with other applications and databases, and easily manage hundreds of products, articles, or social media posts.


Additional Services

Customize or modify templates

Produce or improve existing web elements (buttons, slideshows, animations, etc.)

Create Microsoft Excel macros (VBA) to analyze and present data or introduce interactivity to your workbook

Content writing for your website